Professional Timing Solution

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Timing SystemFor accuracy and to ensure fair competition, we are using a high-end professional chip timing system. The system is often used for road marathons with tens of thousands of participants.

Timing System 3One common problem with other 24-hour lapped races is that they often only have one timing point, placed over the finish line. Due to to Timing System 2the winding, “switchback” nature of some other 24-hour courses, it could be possible to shortcut them; and that cannot be detected by the organiser, which would produce unfair results.  Beyond Marathon have invested heavily in timing technology for this event.  Immortals 24 features the usual start/finish line lap-timing point, and also multiple timing points all along the course. When the results are compiled, if a runner has not passed every timing point, then the lap will not be allowed. So, cheating will not gain competitive advantage on Immortals 24. To combat the remote possibility that a timing chip is not detected at every timing station, every runner will wear two timing chips, both coded to the same race number. The chances of neither chip being recorded as a runner passes a timing point is astronomically low.

Food Concessions

There will be food concessions vans/stalls where you or your family can buy food.

Event Security, Medical, and washrooms

The event will have a 24-hour security presence. There will be a paramedic tent which will be open for the entire event to deal with any medical issues. The event will have it’s own portable toilets and also a shower block.