Immortals 24

Immortals 24 is a new 24 hour, family friendly, lapped event, from the Beyond Marathon team.  Beyond Marathon have been organising highly respected, well reviewed events for 5 years, and due to popular demand have added a 24 hour event to their event calendar.


Why are 24 hour, lapped events so popular?

Historically, ultramarathon events have been a niche market. Only the few wanted to enter a race where they might venture beyond a marathon distance. 24-hour lapped events have shaken things up! The course is not a large single ultramarathon-sized loop. The Immortals 24 course is based on a fast, easy to follow, 4-mile loop, and can be tackled solo or in teams, which makes it accessible to runners of all abilities; not just serious solo and elite ultra-distance runners.

Enter solo, in a pair, or team

Caucasian boyfriend and girlfriend running a race in sunny park

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You can run solo, in a pair, in a team of 3-5, or a team of 6-8. Each solo, or team member can do as few, or as many laps as they wish. If you are a team, every member contributes to the  team performance, and can watch with satisfaction as the laps and miles grow.

The most exciting part about the lapped format is that every 4 miles you will run into our atmospheric outdoor arena/amphitheatre, and hear the cheers from your friends, family or teammates as you cross the start/finish line, ready to hand over to a team mate, or start your next solo lap.

Everyone can camp for free!

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What else is great?  You, your entire team, and your friends and family can camp within the arena from Friday night until the event ends on Sunday morning. There is no charge for camping.